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about Aalay


Aalay Infra has its origins in the very best of Architectural talent and a prized portfolio comprising niche projects. Based in Hyderabad, Aalay is a globally recognized name with each and every construction being a signature creation. With crème de la crème clients who appreciate quality Aalay Infra has set the benchmark sky high.

Be it design, planning, or execution, Aalay Infra is synonymous with the very best. Harboring goodwill and renown in the Realty industry and offering 100% satisfaction has always been our motto. Led by principles and backed by the best minds in the world of architecture we see our dreams realized in the happy smiles of our clients.

Do any two paintings look alike? Doesn’t every flower have its own hue and beauty. Yes, the very essence of creation is its uniqueness. Aalay infra draws inspiration from this very truth. Each and every project of Aalay is a first-of-its-kind which the whole world looks up to. Call it a tribute to the city skyline or celebration of life itself!

what we do

Our specilization



To stand tall. Stand proud To give the highest priority to creativity and brilliance. To be proud of our creations while being grounded in values.



Always meet our client’s high expectations. Set an example in green building concepts. Increase our global footprint across the world.

Holistic growth, community development activities, and an eco-friendly approach distinguishes us as a brand with a conscience.